What do you think episode 4 and 5 are going to be about?

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In chapter 5, I think it could be about going around raising supplies for the survivors, like in chapters 1 and 3. 

But when we get there, if the quarantine people there still have people who haven't been sick, and we can manage them when we get there. 

We take care of patients with Astrid while they collect supplies. 

Maybe at the end of the episode comes the other character in the story. (I forgot because I haven't played story mode in a long time.) 

What if methuselah in the dam yard comes in and saves us when we get inside? And after we go to the PV and get the radio message, as we met Molly and found out where Astrid was, we can go back the way we came and follow the rail track and wait for her while Astrid is on the hunt in the Qenset garage, and that would be a great joy for Astrid. 

And that's how they get to chapter five. 

I hope chapter 5 is about managing a crisis like I thought it would, because I don't want to be a two-parter. It can be so boring sometimes. 


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