Condition loss in exact percentages?

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I've seen a couple posts about tests how certain things affect condition loss, and it got me curious: where can you see in-game the exact condition percentage?
I can only see the white bar (with a bit of blue on top because of well-fed), but no exact numbers...
Thanks in advance for the hint!

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Discrete condition percentage is found when you go into the Load Menu.
When you select a save, one of the statistics given is the character's condition given as a percentage.

As far as in the UI, the condition bar was used to replace displaying condition as a percentage several years ago.  As I recall this was a deliberate choice because they felt that the condition bar made it a little more ambiguous.  The player would then need to make an estimation, rather that being able to clearly see the numbers.  I'll try to find the patch notes, but it might take a while to sift through them all.

Anyway, the Load Menu is the only place I can think of where condition is still displayed as a percentage.

[For those things referencing condition loss rates... those were likely pulled from the Wiki, and I think those numbers were initially extrapolated when discrete percentages were still listed in the UI.  There may also be some folks out there with the ability to analyze the game files and look under the hood; so-to-speak.]


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ManicManiac is correct, load screen is the only way to precisely point to a exact condition of the player. There is one more sneaky way you can check conditions, but mostly in terms of condition difference over the days you survived. That is by using the ingame "log".


It gives you condition range in % from min to max in that particular day. This can also be used to check your condition if its at the lowest. I can show this by abusing this fresh character that I made in Pilgrim mode, by falling.


Now, the logs look like this: 


This can be very useful bit of information to be used in real time :). Hope this helps!

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18 minutes ago, AdamvR said:

Thanks @Mroz4k, that's a good trick! Probably even easier to utilize for tests.

Happy to be of help! While I dont really use it in my day-to-day survival too much, when Im doing tests for myself, I tend to use the log to monitor these things :) 

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