Longest possible direct travel route in the game

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I was wondering to myself, what would be the longest and most time consuming possible direct walking route between named location A and named location B?

Now I say direct because obviously one could come up with any kinds of marathon routes if you made extra detours or even picked up alternative longer paths to the same place (like going from Milton to Camp Office through Milton Basin and FM instead of the other route direct to ML), but if we are just talking about quickest way from A to B, yet which is still the longest...

So I came up with HRV Peak Cave to AC Miner's Folly, anyone have better suggestions? I guess BR ravine, or BR hunters lodge to AC could work too but the mileage and time used in walking through BR and especially straight-line FM doesn't really seem nearly as remarkable. The other option could be the lone cabin at the northeast of BI to AC but only if the rope isn't there to get to the Ravine... and even there I don't think it quite compares

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I can't remember why, but for some reason I wanted to get from the DP lighthouse to the top of Timberwolf  mountain.  Perhaps it was to collect some gear from the wreckage.   That was a long trip.  It would have been in Stalker or Voyager, but I was very lucky on that trip.  I had good weather and very few problems.


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