[Mac|v05] Can Opener worn out when clearly isn't (Fixed v06)


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In Logger Cabin B, just woke from a slumber 12hrs to get rid of Food Poisoning, and had 3 cans of food, when I got a msg flash up, can opener worn out.

To me that would mean that its worn out and can't be used, then I tried and opened a can of Peaches straight away, and checked inventory and says it is at 73% . .

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If that was the case, it would still be in my inventory, no ?? Just like anything else used up, flare, sox, would be there until I discarded it. As you can see there is only one there.

First time I had can opener wear out, so this is a new one to me.

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When items wear out, they are immediately destroyed (removed from inventory). The flare is a special case, since that changes into a "burned out flare".

Logan is most likely right -- having two can openers would explain the behavior you are reporting. But that does bring up a good point about what can opener gets used when you have more than one. Right now we're just picking the first one in your inventory list, but we should be using the one with the highest condition.

Still, we'll keep an eye out for this one, to make sure there isn't something strange going on with a can opener being work out and somehow restoring itself.

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