Reishi mushrooms?

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I have been replaying Wintermute on ps4 and was forced indoors due to a blizzard. I decided to read thru all the stuff in my journal to pass time and noticed reishi mushrooms were not listed under the things I know. I have the blueprint for them because I completed the medicinal pamphlet in Milton. I just wondering if this is intentionally omitted or a glitch because all other medicinal herbs are listed (rose hips, old man beard and birch bark). I have also noticed at Carter dam Methuselah always says "this part of the world still holds secrets" so I'm wondering if this is why or if the 2 are irrelevant to each other. Any help toward this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Frankly, sounds like a bug. This might be a leftover issue of when the Story mode was widely different to now. Used to be that there were no books to be found, instead, the recipe and information about the plant was learned through a storymode mission Jeremiah gave Will at the early part of Episode 2. I think you should definitely report it as a bug. Worst case - it is a small, rare bug that just happened for you and they will still be grateful for you to take notice of it and notifying them. Best case - this really is an oversight and your report will help to contribute to fix the game´s oversight due to its redux of the Episode 1 & 2.

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Yea I've done the pamphlet/book and completed the medicinal quest while in Milton and it gave me the blueprint to prepare the reishi tea it just didn't add it to my journal under Things I Know but it added the other medicinal herbs there (rose hips, old man beard and birch bark). Just seemed odd that the reishi mushrooms were omitted in the journal when I can craft them.

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