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Random idea I had driving to work: what if bandages were re-useable? 

One way it could work is like this: after applying a bandage to either stop bleeding or cure a sprain you have some amount of time where you remain in a "wounded" status and further attacks or falls can cause your wounds to re-open and destroy the bandage for good. If, however, you pass this "wounded" status' time requirement you are rewarded with a dirty bandage (this would also use some of the bandage's condition, maybe 25-35%). 

Dirty bandages can be used in place of regular bandages, but using them comes with an infection risk where you would have anywhere from 20-50% of getting an infection from using the bandage similar to how intestinal parasites work: after the "wounded" status is overcome the virtual dice are rolled and you do or not not get an infection.

Instead of using a dirty bandage, however, you can boil them instead to clean them into a regular bandage (this would not restore the bandage's condition loss). Bandages would still have a limited number of uses before they are ruined and cannot be repaired.

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