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Hi my name is Gavin and I have played the long dark for a long time and have loved it and love the story about it and thought it would have a more survival and hunter feel if they or you put in more animals and here’s some ideas 1. grouse a small game bird that you can hunt for and harvest their meat for cooking and their feathers for crafting ( and  possibly turkeys too) 2. Beaver and otters they are a trapping animals and how you hunt them is find a water source ( mystery lake, forlorn muskeg and all other lakes and ponds) you can set a trap a leg trap or head steel trap just like the rabbits , and this is the last one but it is not a animal to hunt grouse and turkey you need a shotgun and I was thinking a 12 gauge double barrel or a 12 gauge Winchester hammer single barrel but not just for the r hunt self defense to from bears and wolves and here’s why the rifle is and good gun for hunting and defense but it’s heavy and hard to find ammo 2. The revolver is a great for carrying for defense or hunting small rabbits but it lacks the punch to hunt bigger things and if you put the shotgun in the game and the other animals it would have more wilderness fell and more survival options to.


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