Sound bug - Fire sounds, Dam interior


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Hi team,

I had a quick search but couldnt see any other threads relating to this (i just skimmed). I have noticed when using the wood stove in the farmstead in PV - when you have X-mins/hrs left on the fire and you sleep or go outside then re-enter the house the fires ambient noise is no long playing. You can still hear the sound when you add more fuel, but the crackling fire noise no long plays. This has occured consistently across 3 saves now.

In the Hydro Dam in ML i have noticed that if i have a flare or the storm lantern active, i can only hear the sounds of these items if i crouch. It appears around the control room and the connecting upstairs / downstairs passageway. This has occured across 2 saves.

Hope this helps.

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That would make sense, i hadnt tested it too much in ML and CH as i like to base myself out of PV with each playthrough. Just had another test, it doesnt seem to be overly dependant on how much time is left on the fire, just that it was burning when you leave and come back and / or X amount of time elapses.

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