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Hmm, I know this has been mentioned and I tried to search for the topic since it has come to be high on my list of wants, but all mentions seem to be mixed and buried within other topics. So, A standalone topic, I would really like to be able to sit. In chairs in front of a fireplace or benches in a hunters stand etc. I have really come to want this after a long day trudging through the snow or chasing down an injured animal. Nothing fancy, but just to see a pair of legs and feet out in front that cross in an attitude of exhaustion and relief would be cool.

It would be nice to sit by a stove while the wind howls and I patiently wait for friendlier weather while I harvest and repair items. Maybe it could even reduce calorie usage while you sit?

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This post I made a while back may be of interest to you: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=2036&p=16199

Too long, please think of us simple mortals too when you write awesome ideas, because we just like to share your joy about figuring out something awesome, and if you write a huge mountain without any paths between the precipices, we wont be able to reach the top!

[sure I will read it but it will take some effort:D, anyway I have an awesome idea about "drugs" what nobody would be able to figure out, but I hold it back until somebody from the Hinterland will ask for it because I have awesome ideas:D]

Edit: I have read it, you go deep, always when you give so much about the details ask yourself if it is really important for the gun of the game and is that really worth the developing time?

It can be made pretty easily if you get a paper and a pen and just sum the basics from what you figured out, it may be reality like, but is it really important?

Example "Thick cloth" and "Thin cloth", makes you lost in repairing your clothes and just confuse you and makes the system more complex, however the idea behind his is great ( I mean that you should be able to make your clothes better and not only repair it).

Here is the solution: forget messing with the "thick" and "thin" stuff, and use one already existing variable to reach the same results: SKILL

You already have sewing skill, so lets use it for the same effect as you would use the different type of clothes.

You can master your skill in sewing, as your percentage raise you unlock more stuff, like upgrading stuff etc...

Be creative but do not loose the efficiency.

Anyway great job with that list, I do believe it would worth a few minutes to rethink the suggestions in that post from this point of view.

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