Gaining experience on failed attempts to start a fire?


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In the real world, when you fail at a task, you gain experience. When you succeed (initially), you may not know what caused the success.

In TLD, when you succeed at starting a fire, you gain experience. When you fail, you are severely punished. I believe this should be reversed. Succeed? Don't gain experience. Fail, gain experience. Failing already costs us: we pay time, energy and tinder/paper/book/whatever.

Being a "normal" human being, failing five times, I should be able to understand what made me fail the other 5 times, and the 6th time, I should be better prepared to make my fire, no?

The gain from failure should probably not be linear: the first 10 times you fail, you should learn more quickly. The 100th time you fail, you should gain very little experience.

Cheers, and great game!


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