disappearing, reappearing live wolf


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I was being sneaky near the derailment, creeping along the tops of the rocks looking for wolves. I spotted one down by the cars, he spotted me and gave chase. He came up on the rocks, so I ran back down to track level and dropped a meat decoy, kept running. I turned back to watch as the wolf stopped, ate the decoy and started walking back towards the cars.

As I began to follow at a safe distance (not THAT far away), the wolf blinked out of existence.

I resumed my previous path climbing up on the rocks near the cars-- when I got back to where I originally saw the wolf, it was back and promptly chased me again :)

I can't be sure it was the same wolf that had reappeared, but the chase sequence did not take that long, and I did not see any other wolves in the area.

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