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The removed content from the topic was included in order to give some fun to Jeremy's daily work [iT joke "war"], its purpose was to represent one of the manliest things raised against Cats, which is in my experience is something girlish.

This was not meant to harm anybody, on the contrary it was presented to break a forum administrators daily boring routine job as a fun way, and provide a space where he do not have to strictly follow the rules he have to otherwise.

And he seemed like a partner in that (solve it Jeremy:D).

Thank you for the new rules, I totally agree with them, (I do not feel like a victim here) and also for taking steps against those whom without these rules would mean only harm to the community.

[no sarcasm]

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Well, i also have a dog as a pet and love him. I don't have any kind of picture of him otherwise i would love to share

any of the picture of him. I travel a lot so i could never took him with me always, Because it's too hard to travel with

an Dog.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.