Ash Canyon Interloper Observations

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So I took my best survivor to Ash Canyon on day 700ish and I know it's late in the run but I wanted to make some observations about the region since I have not played on anything other than Pilgrim previously. 

Weather: My survivor has good clothes maybe not the best but Deer skin pants (2 layers) deerskin boots, rabbit mitts and hat , wolf and bear coat and toque , just one set of underwear and ear wrap. But she is getting her health given a severe beating nothing close say for maybe Bleak Inlet. The wind is pretty crazy here as well as blizzards keep hitting every other day. So I almost died going to get some saplings at the mine (forgot my hacksaw the first trip)

Wolves: None up in the highlands but Anglers Hut area is crawling with them. Haven't tried fishing overnight at Bitter Marsh but I think I have to do a wolf cull in the area before I consider it. Killed 6 wolves near the Anglers Hut and had 4 more blocking the way to the rope climb towards Climbers Cave. 

Food: Lots of food actually , the bear at Miners Folly and a couple moose hanging around. Lots of cat tails, mushrooms and rose hips everywhere and the odd birch bark areas. 

Firewood: Anglers Hut is good for this though plenty scattered around the area and fir and cedar logs to cut close to the cabin. 

Loot / Other goodies: Lots of saplings , and 2 arrow heads in the drawer. Still need to forge knife or axe to think about getting a bow though.

Conclusion: For a starting region not the greatest , well unless they plop you near the gold mine but like my character it's not walk in the park no matter your skills and gear. 

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I've been there for about 20 in-game days on interloper, days 340 - 360. I agree with a lot of your observations, but I haven't had the same problem with the weather. (I have very similar clothes, but I have two underwear and combat pants under deerskin pants.) Weather and outdoor conditions seem pretty similar to TWM to me. I've been to the mine and back without problem a couple of times.

One thing I really noticed is that there are *way* more outdoor warm-up caves than I thought from touring the region on Voyageur. I've encountered five or six so far, and I haven't yet explored the entire region. There are two by Miner's Folly (the bear cave and one by the Foreman's Retreat), and there's another one close to the rope climb down to the mine entrance. I even spent the night in one without a fire. (Not sure exactly where it is, since my mental map of the region is still very incomplete. It's by the base of one of the rope climbs that take you to the High Meadow.)

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You are correct I noticed the one warm up cave you mentioned on the way back from the gold mine . I had spent the night in the other cave with a fire going all night. I plan on crossing the other rope bridge near the Miners Folley to get into the Climbers Cave area and do some rabbit snaring at some point. Miners Folley is a nice area but is kind of far away from everything. I can hunt deer here but if I want to snare rabbits I have to cross rope bridges to go check them. I found an extra rope so I think there is a rope I can deploy to bring me closer to the Anglers Hut so I can avoid wolf central. 

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