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Ok so the new ash canyon, ok so hinterland have now taken it to far, we I started playing this game 4 years ago it was so enjoyable, now I don't expect everything to be easy but this new map is just absolutely PANTS!!!!   We don't care about the normal gamer that likes to play a few hours when home from work in the evening,  we will make this so annoying and hard so the guys love the hard maps can blast it in 3 days ,and go that was easy and not play again for a month!!! And the pilgrim player can wander about ash for 2 weeks and die. hinterland get a grip of yourself.....

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35 minutes ago, peteloud said:

". . .this new map is just absolutely PANTS!!!!  "

What does that mean ?

Hey, I was curious too what he meant by that...
according to the slang dictionary I just looked up, it is a British saying for something that is trash, junk, rubbish or bullshit... 


Why do British say pants?
One of the answers here says that in parts of the UK 'pants' means not very good. The term comes from the children's rhyme “liar, liar, pants on fire” which was abridged to “pants” as a way to say you don't believe someone. So 'that's pants! ' is just another way of saying `bollocks!
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Really I always start in forlorn muskeg, hypothermia and blizzards make it more exciting and plus you can sometimes find a rifle there as well and while your at it you might as well get kitted up with a hatchet and knife and a heck ton of arrowheads all in the first few days but weak ice ugh. But seriously hush river valley my god that place is pants.

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I have not yet gone to Ash Canyon.  My preparations for the foray (and I have several sandboxes) has kept me busy.  I am not that much of an intrepid explorer, actually a rather cowardly one so I gather as much information about the place as possible.  I would admit that from what I have been seeing in others' explorations, Ash Canyon does not have all that much to offer mostly because of the difficulty of movement.  I find that climbing, even with crampons when I get them, is not my favorite way of getting around. 

That is not to say that there isn't a lot to see, but once past that and settling into an existence there, there really isn't that much.  Though that's just my subjective impression before getting there.  There will be a lot to explore and map. 

It would have been nice if some of the hints of things and structures in the graphics turned up in the region.  It might even have been interesting to be able to see but not reach them.  The broken bridge syndrome blocking access.  Tantalizingly close but not close enough. 😅  Oh, I can hear the complaints. 

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