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SO I'm sure we all know about Among Us, and how that game just BLEWWWW up. People were looking for a fun party/multiplayer game to play with friends. Now that the hype for that game has slowly faded off, we now see games like Rust, and Raft, which in ways are similar to TLD being extremely popular again. Think about this, Rust before all these streamers, and fans of these streamers started playing the game was a game that I can feel relate to TLD. A lot of people knew about rust, but the game has a small, and loyal fanbase that absolutely loved the game, (much like TLD). It had a small player base because of how the gameplay worked, (again, like TLD). But now with Covid, and all that people are just needing a game where they can chill out, and socialize/interact with each other in a fun way.

I think that Hinterland should look at these things, and try to make their game really blow up again, (like it did when it first came out) or make it appeal to more people. Now, of course this would mean adding multiplayer, or some kind of way to play with friends, which I don't think will ever happen. Now what I don't want, is for Hinterland to commercialize their game and make it a huge brand, (Sort of like... Fortnite I guess). I just think that now, how games that people would never of thought to become mainstream, become mainstream, I think TLD, and Hinterland as a whole has a ton of money they make right now, and replenish the fanbase that has unfortunately, been slowly diminishing overtime.

This is just my idea, and I don't think that anything will come of it. I just really want to watch this game be successful, and we don't really know how the devs feel about the game right now. They've worked so hard, for what I feel like is a small, or not enough payoff. I just want to take this time to thank the devs, for all the work they do to keep us invested in this amazing game. Kudos.

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