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I am fairly new to the game while having some experience and map knowledge I’m having some problems finding a good base location, so if anyone can give me some tips or info that would be much appreciated. (I’m tossing up between DP, CH and PV) thanks

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4 hours ago, Anomaly53 said:

I am fairly new to the game while having some experience and map knowledge I’m having some problems finding a good base location, so if anyone can give me some tips or info that would be much appreciated. (I’m tossing up between DP, CH and PV) thanks

My favorite retirement base is at the Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad, but that's not where I'll center myself if I'm still exploring other parts of the map.  I described my reasons for liking it so much on the "What's your Favorite Base" thread.

Probably the most central is the Camp Office in Mystery Lake since the zone represents basically the center of the current map.  It has a workbench; and if cabin fever is a concern, you can easily set up a snow shelter at the back door with a very sheltered fire to sleep it off outdoors.  The fishing huts nearby or the cave near the Western Access to the lake are also good alternatives.  Fishing, bear, moose and deer are all available close by for game.

If wolves are your fear, then you can also set up a pretty decent base in the cave in the Ravine and jump into the dam to use one of the workbenches there.  The Ravine is a wolf-free zone.  I have also stationed myself out of the trailer just outside the dam, which has some storage and a bed, but then you do have to be careful about the wolves that patrol in that area.

If you don't mind some bad weather, another great base is the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley, particularly since they revamped the map and you can enter the basement and workbench now from inside the house (also giving you ample exit points to allude the bear that patrols that area). 

The quonset in Coastal Highway is another popular choice, but it's not one of my favorites.

My actual recommendation if you're still exploring the map, however, is to set up a mini-base in each zone.  You'll find hauling everything to a centrail base a rather tedious chore and it is more convenient to have a store of basic items closer at hand in each zone.

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I think that a lot of folks starting out have tended to pick places where they can ice fish or set up rabbit snares (in some locations we can do both).
As a player gets more proficient and confident in their survival skills/playstyle I think we can setup pretty viable encampments at almost any location.  :)


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Of the regions you mention, Thomson's Crossing may be worth a look.

Lots of loot in the surrounding hamlet, a 6 burner stove for efficient cooking, cars to sleep in to avoid cabin fever, oodles of storage space, rabbits and deer close by, usually a bear and wolves close enough if you want the skins (but avoidable if you don't,) and not too far to trek to reach either a crafting bench at the barn or nearest fishing hut (which may have a moose spawn too).  You could probably turn around a forging trip to the Riken in 3-4 days as well.

Plus, with the addition of Ash Canyon it feels slightly more central on the map.

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Mountain Town (Milton) has the Grey Mother's House. Large stove and usually good loot but no workbench.  I prefer the Paradise Meadow Farm as it has a large stove, access to a workbench (in the barn) and you can set up snares just outside to the North. Reasonably quick access to HRV, FM and ML.  I know you said DP, CH and PV but try it sometime.  I doubt you won't like it.


For DP, I usually live in the lighthouse.  It's central.


CH is the Quonset Garage (workbench and indoor cooking)

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In PV I definitely recommend the Farmstead/Homestead (I forget the name)

Pros: It's central and near some places with quite a lot of supplies

Large rabbit spawn location at a nearby barn

A small hay-barn next to it that has a place sheltered enough for a fire for when the blizzard gets too cold for a snow-shelter

Lots of game (Deers, Wolves, Bears, Rabbits)

Six-Burner and quite well lit most of the time

Pretty warm

Rifle spawn chance


Cons: There is a pack of three to four wolves pretty nearby and plenty more near the large barn. Though pretty easy to avoid, they can make carcass harvesting difficult and travelling in a blizzard is not recommended due to the large quantity of hostile wildlife

In the surrounding area, unless you know the landmarks to look out for, it can make travelling back there pretty difficult if you are unfamiliar with the farm as the flat barren landscape can seem slightly disorienting (At least, it was to me)


Unless you fear wolves and bears, the farm/homestead is a place I think would be suitable for a base

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I think the original question was what region to choose to have long term base. If not, I am sorry I got it wrong. 

If it was the question, here is my answer: Dont choose. Set long term base in all of them. Personally in later game I tend to have long term base in all regions. Of course something like rifle revolver etc are not present in needed quantity to be stored in each region. But preparing good stash of food, fuel, tools in each region is good. When you decide to move, you need to have only weapon, sleeping bag (some plays it dangerously and walk without one) little water and some light non-stink food for travel. Tools you want for move from base to base are personal opinion.

After certain number of days in one region it seems the weather starts to be more harsh and game wants you to move and reset the weather by staying some time in another region. Dont know if it is confirmed or rumour, but anyway after longer period in one region one starts to feel itching and wants to move anyway.

But my experience is mainly from voyager difficulty and longest run is about 400 days.

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Keep in mind, you may be trapped away from home base, any location that can be considered shelter may become home for a few days. leave some supplies behind or gather together for emergency use in the future. you never know if you'll be stuck in one place without a way to boil water, get warm,  or cornered by a predator. a car in the middle of nowhere might be home.

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