TLD fan from Norway, here!


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Hey there! My name is Nathan and I'm from Norway.
I've been a big fan of The Long Dark for quite a few years now, and even though my interest and activeness has been up and down, it's for sure one of my all time favourite games. Good job, Hinterland!
I want to get more involved with the community, so I thought that getting on the forums could be a good idea. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Hey, isn't Norway a cold place? 

Cold in long dark. Don't play long dark while you're heating up. Or don't get cold in the game.

Because instead of warming up, you'd be colder, and it happened to me a lot, and when I looked at my hands, I saw that you were cutting ice. (Metaphor) However, I live in Turkey. What an impressive game you've made, hinterland. 


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