70 days in - almost died. Reminder not to get cocky!


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What a close shave it was last night. I'm 70 days in, pretty much the longest I've gone in a survival. I've been using the cabin at Mystery Lake as a base while hoarding materials and getting better clothing. 

I decided to do some late evening fishing in one of the huts as I was low on food and hungry. I piled up a few decent sized fish and planned to cook it in the hut, maybe have a coffee to keep awake a little then walk back to the cabin with my lamp. It was only then I realised I had no fuel for the stove. D'oh! About then a blizzard also came, and it was getting dark. Even though I'm familiar with these huts, I can get the wrong direction if I'm not careful in the dark. It was a heavy blizzard, my lamp only gave me a little visibility, like 1 metre ahead. I was tired, and also now getting hungry. I didn't have my sleeping mat so I couldn't sleep in the fishing hut. I decided to walk back to the cabin in the dark blizzard. It became apparent I was going in the wrong direction. All I could see was ice under me, and progress was very very slow against the blizzard. I was now getting cold, sleepy, hungry and my health was dropping. Time to use a stim. I decided the best practice was to walk in a straight line until I found a familiar spot. I knew the area quite well and there are plenty of cabins if I took a wrong turn. Still nothing. My stim wore off and I was now desperate to sleep and getting weaker. It was also still early in the night. I reached the snow, but still couldn't see any cabins. So I had to follow the course of the snow. Walking very very slow. Thankfully I had one more stim on me, and decided to use it. This allowed me to get a bit further. I must eventually find a cabin, right? This stim wore off. My last one, and we know how rare they are. I continued walking, my health dropping. Then here in the gloom, the shape of a cabin! Yes, one of the fishing cabins from the opposite end of the lake. I had been going in the wrong direction all along. Straight to bed, where I recovered over night and cooked a few fish on the fire forst thing in the morning, on a beautiful day overlooking the lake. I really thought it was the end for me. 

It's very easy to become overconfident and cocky once you've survived long enough and you have plenty of warm clothing. Never underestimate how quickly things can turn! I love this game. 

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