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I liked the 6th and 7th seasons of “Alone” for that.  There was a real badass survivor in season 7 who did several things that were absolutely unprecedented and amazing.  He was from my home state so I felt a connection.  Amazing how well some of these folks survived in an incredibly harsh environment that makes Great Bear Island look like easy mode! 

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I loved survivor man. Still do of course, but I've seen all the episodes a few times so I don't watch them anymore. That was a fun episode. I liked when he caught the fish because he was really happy. I also remember well how to slice the fish to help keep them good to eat for longer.


Looks like I am watching it haha :D


When he says it's colder than it looks I understand that better now. I spent a week or two in cambridge bay and being that far north nothing tall grows so you cannot see the wind like you can down south in yellowknife for example. That is something I will always remember, not being able to tell when it's windy.

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