Diary of a dreamer

Orwell 1984

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[glow=red]Topic : - Diary - Map - Compass - Pen (pencil) - Paper (notebook) - Books (skills)[/glow]

I am sitting next to my fire barrel at quonset gas station, in a small safe heaven from the wind and hopefully from the wildlife.

I wish I could start my own diary since there is not much I can do here except enjoying the pure cinematic scene of the audience while the fire warmly crackle in front of me.

That should wait until I find some pencil and some kind of notebook, even though how surprising that I did not found any of that back at the camp office around mystery lake, neither a map or a compass.

I guess I will have to draw my own map if I want to remember where I left my traps and food stashes, I definitely need a diary for that.

Mystery lake, how long was that?

Phew, 30 days already, 4 weeks on my own, that is amaizing, wondering how long I have to go to find somebody or some sort of civilization.

I wish I could find a book about:

- Geography, drawing (visual culture)

- Biology and health sciences, anatomy

- Physics, architect, mathematics

- Environmental studies, wildlife, fishing

- Technology, and lifestyle practices, Science practices

- chemistry, gardening, edible or dangerous, taming

- ...

- or even philosophy

in order to pass time usefully and learn something while I wait the weather to calm down.

The funny is that most of these things are simple elementary level stuff, never thought that I will be in need of that knowledge anymore in my life.

I will need some kind of shelter on my way back to south, the weather is pretty merciless sometimes, lucky the longest snowstorm took for only a day or so, but what if it will take longer and Iam in the middle of nowhere?

Too much thinking, lets sleep while I still have firewood, the wind does not want to stop.

OOC: If you wish to join, let me kindly ask you to follow the form I used in order to help the Hinterland staff to find the ideas while we keep the topic clean.

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[glow=red]Removable backpack, more content like coffee/alcohol/adrenalin or temporal boosters to different stats like carry weight, jumping, climbing a tree, achievement[/glow]

Good morning rifle, fire barrel, backpack....

Oh hello to you too wind, howdy?

Wolf meat and water, the champions breakfast.

Actually I am pretty good in making fire, it became a routine just like taking a peek under every furniture.

I just miss the real coffee, once I have read the components of instant coffee and there is a warning about it may give you anus cancer if you drink too much of it, i guess I do not have to worry about it, this place have no problem with retirement...

Stay positive, stay positive, I successfully quit smoking, not like if it was my decision but it is a good new.

What do we have here today?

How long did I not jump at all, 36 days without sweating or jumping, I would call that an achievement for sure.

I have supply for weeks from wood, water and food, my cloths are in perfect condition and I stocked up 15kg of them in one of the lockers, just in case, of course I did the same with tools and everything I found.

I think finally I learned not to waste and throw out things without observing its further possibilities, we always learn something new right?

Today's plan is to climb a tree to take a look around the area, but Iam a bit worried since I did not even jump in the last month, wish me luck bedroll...

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[glow=red]Taming, Hygiene, Permanent - Long lasting injuries,[/glow]

Half past nine, day 37.

Just finished sorting my stuff, I figured out how to make bandages, I could have done that earlier but lucky me I was in need of it only yesterday.

The plan was to climb a tree to take a look around, but as soon as I stepped out of the front door a heartwarming beauty jumped on me.

I do not have to explain how very surprised I was, but she started to chew on my arm as soon as we met, and that is just not my style, so I had to discourage her, unfortunately she was so determined about me I had to stab her a few times with my hunting knife.

Pretty intense first randevu if you ask me...

I do believe dogs originated from wolfs, would be nice to have a friend who may help me with the hunting and to carry stuff around.

If I could trap one and feed one for a few days, maybe weeks she would be tamed maybe and we could roll on together... maybe I will find a book about how to do such a thing, I am not sure yet.

Eskimos were clever people, they figured out how to use the nature and live with it instead of "ruling" it.

Summed up, her teeth reached my bare flash, so I had to bandage it and use some antiseptic on the wound (which I used to clean my hands before eating).

About hygiene...

These conditions are not the best for my personal hygiene but I try to focus on keeping clean at least my mouth and hands, rarely have chance to clean my clothes with some fresh snow or boiled water.

A soap instead of this antiseptic would be incredibly useful.

So I dont have to say this "observing plan" from the top of a nearby tree had to be delayed a few days, I cant risk to fall from a tree with my wound on my arm.

Hope at least I will be able to hasten the healing process by cleaning the wound sometimes...

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[glow=red]Large piles of dry wood, Urinating, Alternate ways to light a fire[/glow]

Todays plan is to rethink the situation I am at the moment, I usually do this at least once every week.

I am lucky I am not easily panic, this is the most important at all.

Lets see my last inventions to keep us moving forward.

- I figured out it is just stupid to use newspapers to start a fire, I have decided to make small tinder plugs from them saving me the time I should spend outside risking who knows what.

- I found a nice dry container for the matches, and thinking about alternate ways to light a fire, it may be a problem after a time, because recently realized some of the matches just melted from something.

- I am thinking that I will pile up hardwood in order to keep them as dry as possible for multiple reasons, unfortunately the best dry wood have to be at least 2 years old, but the main idea behind this is to keep the fire alive 24/7, Iam not sure yet if it worth the effort with the current materials, but I will keep an eye out for larger easily recoverable wood stuff.

- Also after examining my gear it is totally useless to carry certain items like the can opener, or even the sewing kits, what I thought will be important on my scavenging missions but these are not at all.

- Thinking about weight, not the best idea but actually 0.25 liter of water with some herbal tea can be stored as 0.1 kg and have the same effect when iam thirsty just like simple water, but less than half of its weight, I still have to be sure to have some filters in case of emergency, but taking tea instead of boiled water with myself when I go out seems to be advantageous.

- Iam thinking how I could make tea from anything what I can find, I know there should be ways to make tea from rosehip, still cant figure it out.

[Tossing a piece of wood on the fire.] My arm still not 100% after my "incident" with a wolf, I have no idea what driven it to attack me when I can see rabbits, and I saw a deer around as well.

I am actually surprised how I did not have to urinate in the last one and a half month, maybe the shock or something I couldnt figure out yet.

It has a chance that it may be in relation with my lacking ability to jump, anyway it is strange, I hope it is not some kind of sign about the worst...

Stay positive.

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[glow=red]Advanced interaction with the shelters, upgrading, repairing, multiple versions/layouts of existing shelters, indoor activity[/glow]

Day 140 - 11:32

Sitting at the edge of a comfy bed on the first floor of an abandoned farmhouse and staring at the mess in the room.

Thinking if it worth the invested energy to settle down after almost a half year of travelling, literally in the wilderness.

What may be going on in the southern regions, or in the cities?

Somebody must have survived, I must found them.

I saw so many radios, I wish I would have scavenged them for parts, maybe I will figure out how to fix one from multiple radio parts.

A living thinking voice, I barely remember even how they may sound, or just some music, yeah, definitely some music would help me to sleep...

I should clean up this mess, maybe it would help to feel myself better.

This place saved my life so many times in the last 2 or 3 weeks, I do not even remember when I arrived here, but this is definitely the best shelter in the last months that I can call a home, it would wort upgrading it a bit.

I still have coffee, and I found some plants and shrooms outside I made tea from them, it is almost delicious.

This house is old, you can hear the the roof and floor cracking like ghosts walking around.

The wind sometimes blew through the walls, and I can remove my coat only next to a fire, still wont risk sleeping without my clothes, I should definitely fix a few things around in this house, seems like this will be my base of operations for a few months, if not for longer.

I am not worried about the food, I learned how to hunt in the time I spent taking this "camping tour", better to think of it that way, if you panic from what is going on you are lost, this is just a "camping tour", a bit tough, a bit too long, a bit too lonely...

I saw a bear outside near a beautiful waterfall, I do not want to interfere with him, but maybe I will have to.

Wondering why a bear is out in the wild this time of the year, maybe it has something to do with the mystic aurora on the night sky...

This hall in front of "my" room, with that crib in the middle... it is disturbing, but maybe I will be able to use it to held some rabbits in it, or in last case I will just chop it up for firewood.

I have a decent bathroom, not even remember when I took a proper bath, I stopped using the antiseptic for washing my hands, since it is too precious for that, hope I will be able to fix the water boiler in the basement of this god damn place, I would even fight that bear for hot water and some soap...

I have almost broke my leg and neck on these staircases, I could fix them too with some wood around, I have tools and equipment even to build a small house, found them back in half frozen gas station... damn these stairs...

Here is my last hope, next to the door, my half dead friend who staring at me all day to give him some juice of electricity somehow, the radio.

Those tiny buttons, I can twist and wring them how I want, it wont answer while I find a solution.

Maybe I will be able to combine some of the items from the TV, microwave and the fridge...

Lets take a look on the traps, maybe this time I will be in time to find a living rabbit in one of them.

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