New bow type and mechanics for causing bleed


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Taking the idea from the game 'The Forest' it would be pretty cool to see a modern bow in the game.

The bow, perhaps a compound bow, could be a rare find in various spots (not craftable) and being as it is modern it would shoot arrows farther and faster. 

It could be repaired at a workbench using scrap metal and cured gut. The bow could shoot regular arrows for a minor buff or modern arrows for best benefit (as opposed to the normal survival bow which can only shoot normal arrows).

Modern arrows can be found as a rare item or crafted at both a workbench using shaft, gut and feathers and forge (forge to create the shaft with scrap metal, workbench to create the arrow). 

Overall the idea of the modern bow is a more effective version of the survival bow with some drawbacks.

Survival bow:

- Lighter (both bow and arrows) and less crafting time on the bench, faster draw speed.

Compound bow:

- Heavier; S. Bow is 0.5kg, C bow 1kg to 1.5kg. Regular arrows are 0.3kg, modern arrows 0.5kg. Higher crit chance, faster bleed time, slight more range and lenience with aiming. 

In terms of bleed mechanics, when hunting deer players should aim for the ribs for most efficient bleed. This is true to real life, where hunter - gatherers of our past would aim to puncture the ribs to target lungs / heart and not the head as some animals have incredibly thick skulls. Not sure how it would apply to wolves or bears but the deer mechanics could be improved in that area.

What are people's opinions on this?


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I would not like t see the introduction of high-tech modern equipment , be it bows and arrows, guns or sat. navs.

I would be happy to see simple solutions that could be developed by someone stuck out in the wilds such as a plain simple wood-only arrow that can kill only rabbits.

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I've given this thread time to breath...  I'm going to weigh in on it now.

Personally, I wouldn't want more advanced weaponry in the game (frankly I don't really want anymore weaponry added to the game - I think we have more than enough already).

I get that the original poster is taking inspiration form "The Forest."  I want to make sure I'm quick to say that I do not want this game to be more like The Forest... I want it to keep being The Long Dark.  I'd say that if I wanted to play a game like The Forest... I think I would just play The Forest.

I think we already have all the weapons we could possibly need, so I don't think there is a need to add any more of them.  Naturally, if Hinterland see's fit to add more weapons, then fine.  I always respect the choices Hinterland makes for their game, but as for proposed ideas on the subject... I'm just not in favor of adding more weapons.

**Note for all those who apparently can't tolerate other people's opinions...
I'm not going to argue with people about it.  I am stating my opinion because I have a right to.  I don't care if folks don't like my opinion, I am still expressing it.  If certain people don't care for my opinion, feel free to ignore it... because I'm not going to be drawn into more of those people's hostilities; only for them to then try and blame me for their poor conduct in the face of a differing opinion.  :) 

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