Detailed and official mapping


Detailed and Official Mapping  

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The maps on the wiki are low resolution and the legends are hard to read, I think Hinterland should make official maps of all the regions and either update the Fandom wiki pages or add a menu in-game that's unlocked once you confirm that you're OK with possible spoilers for the experience of the game and Wintermute.

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Hinterland already have official maps in the form of the charcoal ones. I don't think they should display uberdetailed information like what's avaliable on the wiki as IMO it's perfectly reasonable for factoids like "here's every possible prepper cache spawn" to have no official source and instead be community-compiled information.

With that said, the charcoal rubbing maps are genuinely bad and IMO need a full replacement/heavy editing. Obviously they should not have the appearance of a professional cartographer's map, but there are identical "hill" icons for both impassable hills and mild slopes or they're just badly placed, no distinction is made between regular terrain and impassable terrain, the markers on the map are pretty badly thought out (marking carcasses is borderline useless even before they despawn and just act as clutter on the map once they have, as are the dozens of cat tail plants I harvested five months ago) and there's no indicator for things like height- With charcoal, Will/Astrid could easily do something like slightly shading in parts of terrain that are higher than others for example.

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No, I definitely do not think getting a detailed map in survival should have any connection at all to how much of the Wintermute story the player has completed or whether they've even started Wintermute.  Also, I like the charcoal maps and we can now place some of our own marks on them through spray painting.

I think, however, that the map the player is given in Wintermute should be changed to be an aeronautical chart (since Will is a pilot and it would make sense for him to have been carrying such a map of the area in his plane when it crashed).  That map should not be at all available in survival mode, however (unless, possible one finds one in the wreckage of Will's plane).

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