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Hey Guys! 👋🏻

I normally play TLD on my PS4 Pro, but I gave it a try at my MBP and I was a little shocked!

My MBP Pro is a Mid 2012 with the Quad Core i7, 16GB DDR3, Nvidia GT 650M 1GB

All Settings i tested was in 1080p Resolution.

Ultra = 15 - 20 FPS ; High = 20 - 25 FPS ; Medium = 25 - 30 FPS

Is this normal? I know my MBP isn't the newest, but it is the fully specced out Version of his Generation and TLD seems not to Graphically heavy.

The recommended settings on Steam are: i7 = ; 8GB RAM = ; Dedictaced GPU with 1GB VRAM =

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I'm having a similar issue although my MBP is a bit newer. 2017 with i7, 16gb of mem and a discrete graphics card (Radeon Pro 560 4 GB). The game used to run pretty well on my machine,  some framerate drop here and there, but good enough for ultra mode.. The only thing that's changed on my end is updating to Catalina. 

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Is it the osx update or possibly the new tld update? I may roll back my os to see what that does. 

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This is exactly why I don't use my 2012 Macbook pro for gaming. 

What OS are you running ?  I say this because I installed Catalina on mine and it nearly melted it, had to back install Mojave now, much better again.  

Also to put some perspective on it, my 2012: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 with 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 & SSD struggled with the game  'Inside', essentially a 2.5D sideways scrolling platform!  

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