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Skis and snowshoes have been mentioned already, and they are interesting ideas, but I'm thinking more generally. The game already features climbing and rappelling via ropes. I think it would be great to expand on the ice climbing and mountaineering aspects in the game. Obviously the danger factor for ice climbing, and mountaineering in general, would make for a lot of permadeaths. But I hope this sort of thing at least gets considered, because this is one game where "realistic" mountaineering would make sense.

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Mountaineering is a little general.  Sorry if I take this in a direction you had not intended. So, you would want to introduce ice axes and with crampons be about to ice climb?

I was a mountaineering instructor earlier in life so sorry if I get technical.  Actual lead climbing is difficult with this game because you are alone; no one to belay.  Rappelling could be better since the Dulfersitz technique would be better then just down climbing.  Snow Bollard anchors could be used as well (watch Frozen).  If a Swiss seat harness could be made from rope you could tie a couple of prusiks to the main line and directly to the harness.  No carabiners needed.  Climbing (up or down) any rope would have no risk of falling.  There would even be time to rest.  If carabiners were added as well you could Munter hitch your way down a rope easily.  
Ice climbing is more dangerous then rock climbing because if you’re not careful the ice will break away with you on it.  Rocks obviously can do the same but the risk is far greater on ice.  
Glacier travel is something the game could have where there could be a crevasse danger.  I knew a guy that wanted to do that so bad he went alone and carried a ladder around his waist to catch him in case he fell in.  He’s still alive as far as I know.

Anyway, there is a lot here.  How far did you want to take Mountaineering when you made the suggestion?

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