Attacked Through a Fence


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While I don't have screenshots, I can describe it well. I'm playing on PS4 Pro, and I was exiting the Hydro Dam. I was about to open the gate when I heard a wolf howl, so I moved left along the fence to see where he was. I was standing in the gap between the fence and the stack of pipes that runs parallel, and watched the wolf trot (not run) towards me. I was about three or four feet away from the fence, and the wolf simply walked right through the fence, starting a struggle. After fighting it off with a few knife stabs, it again ran *through* the fence.

Also the results of the scuffle were quite odd. Three cases of bleeding, but only one infection risk, and I lost nearly 60% of my health even though this was only Voyager (wanna get that Faithful Cartographer trophy finally.) and oddly my clothing barely had any damage.

I know that there's a chance that being right next to a fence/fishing hut wall can let animals clip through enough to chew on you, but this was a full wolf walking *entirely through* the fence like it wasn't there at all.

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Guest jeffpeng

I know they updated the wolf pathfinding a few patches back so they can pass things like gates and such. Since then I've seen a few odd things, but mostly related to clipping through gates with closed doors (the gate in Broken Railroad is notorious for that). Outright walking through a fence really is harsh.

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This just happened to me! Playing a PC custom game.  I was at the dam fence and was about to go out when i heard a wolf.  I tossed a stone over the fence to bait it the other way but it quickly turned back around and walked toward the fence.  I backed up several feet because i have seen in the past they can stick their heads thru before getting stopped and I've read about people getting attacked because of that BUT I've never seen it come straight thru the fence before.  The gate was definitely closed.  I really wish I had a video. Thankfully, i booked it back to the dam before it got to me.  

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On 1/4/2021 at 11:16 PM, Sherlock Holmes 18 said:

The same thing happened to me in a building where wolves in bleak inlet couldn't get in, it was ridiculous, but with a few six-shot shots, I spooked the wolf and it went back the way it came. It was really ridiculous and a little funny. 

Same for me. I was on the monkey path, on the part, where you have to shimy your way on roof beams. I looked back and one wolf was standing on the platform, where I was few seconds before. Quick draw revolver solved it.

After while I was standing on platform in dock. There is big engine block. Its top is in one floor height. Wolf was running on the ground towards me. His trajectory was through that engine block. When his head touched it, the wolf was suddenly standing on top of the block. 

But my problems were few updates back...

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