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Can you guess the location of this picture? Post your response, I will updated this thread once in a while. (Post your own locations here as well)

Looks like the gatehouse at the Maintenance shop in Broken Railroad

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3 minutes ago, Sherlock Holmes 18 said:

O halattan asla inmem çünkü yürümek daha az yorucu. 

Me too.  No point to climbing when the hike is so easy! 

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Here is your answer to the previous picture, see spoiler tags

Mine Entrance to Old Island Connector from Desolation Point

7) Here is your next picture, good luck! (Hint: in front of me is an enterable cave)


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Congats on this hard one to the people who got it, if you still don't know, the answer is in the spoiler tags.

Ash Canyon Entrance, in Echo Ravine; Timberwolf Mountain

8 ) Here's the next one. (Hint: I seem to remember this house not being destroyed at one point...)


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Agree with Sherlock.  It’s behind the Quonset hut in CH.  sometimes that house is destroyed, and sometimes it’s a good place to hide from a charging moose!

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It's a bit late in the thread I know but. Just in case you didn't know.

We can play this same guess the location game, in game.

If you have a good look at the paintings in houses they mostly(not sure if 100%) depict locations in game/on Great Bear Island.

It's a good way to kill time if bored or waiting for a blizzard to clear.

Maybe we could start a new guess game with paintings in the houses.

I play on console not really sure how to upload pics etc or I would do so myself.

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Nice Job on the previous one, here is the answer in the spoiler tags

Derailment - Mystery Lake. (A note, all locations will be near a named location, bonus points if you can name said location)

10) Here's the next one, Good luck! Hint: Wow! I'm on top of the world! (Side note, the name of this location is not what you think it is, please also indicate the region if you don't know the actual name)


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