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Here's a feature request: When the character carries excessive load for long periods of time, he/she should gain stamina and eventually start walking/running at normal speeds. This should be easy to code and resembles real life as any furniture delivery personnel would confirm.

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I don't think that carrying excessive loads is something that Hinterland wants to encourage players to do more of... They've worked hard at discouraging it, first by slowing us down when overloaded and then by adding in the sprain mechanic that, more often than not, triggers when we are overloaded.  To balance this, we can increase our carrying capacity by obtaining the moosehid satchel and now the tactical backpack.

Currently, stamina is not used while just walking.  It's a reserve for sprinting and climbing ropes.  We can use a feat to allow it to refresh faster.  It is also affected by how much our clothing restricts our movements.   It is also a stat that varies depending on the difficulty level selected (or it can also be adjusted in Custom mode).


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I understand why someone would come up with this suggestion if they've been encumbered for a while, but it really doesn't make sense from a game design perspective. Rewarding players for being encumbered a lot just... Doesn't seem to follow for me, and the realism justification sounds more like an excuse.

As a now-reformed packrat, I mean this in the best possible way: Just learn to manage your inventory properly and make regular trips to stash excess loot at places where it can be retrieved. You will still end up encumbered sometimes, but there is ALWAYS fat you can cut from your inventory. Don't bring lanterns unless you're going to be caving, only carry a single set of matches (or a single firestriker) around with you, don't bring a prybar unless you're exploring new areas that might have locks you haven't broken, those are just a few examples of how you can help


With all that said, I'm not against exploring new possibilities for handling heavy loads, (the game doesn't really have a way to transport lots of resources between bases and there's probably a way to create one that doesn't involve something that'd make looting unbalanced) I just don't think getting faster at it the more you're encumbered is really that solution.

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