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Hello all,

I played the PC version a bit (thanks to the EGS) and decided to get the game on Switch also. Whilst the experience is pretty flawless there is one aspect on the Switch that I find somewhat annoying and that is that interiors in the dark don't actually appear black/dark but more foggy/grey & almost washed-out.

I tried to tweak the brightness settings in the game but all this does is either make the overall game too bright, or the outside far too dark. Is the strange grey fog effect by design or is this a bug? From looking at screenshots and reviews of the switch versions, e.g. Grey Mother's house, the dark areas are correctly black, and not grey like they are on my system.

I have attached a screenshot inside the gas station at night with lights turned off. As you can see the HUD is properly dark but the world is just completely washed out. Worth noting the outside looks perfectly fine with pure blacks and a good range of contrast.

Thanks in advance.


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