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I am very much enjoying this game, and with the current update I have managed to make the Wolf Skin Coat, Deer Skin Boot, and the Rabbit mittens, and man do they work awesome well worth the time and resources it took to get them, but the upkeep is going to get me killed! Clothes(all clothes) get ruined to damn fast, one day and a strong wind storm and it takes 10% to 15% off the condition of 90%+. As time moves on there is less and less cloth to harvest and at some point there will be none. We can be honest that walking around dose not have that much ware and tear on shoes and coats, wolf and bear attacks will and they should, but running around not so much. So for this first part I would like to see more variety and stronger clothes that last longer, with upkeep and repairing, but not so fast and tons of upkeep to keep them in the 90%

Also with that now that I have awesome gear, I would like to see a 3rd person view added to the game, I enjoy being able to see my character, for me it brings a level of game play that makes it that much more enjoyably. I know not everyone dose enjoy the 3rd person, so keeping 1st person is a must, but adding the 3rd person view would just add to the game, I am not sure with the engine you are using would allow that or if it would require a whole revamp, but either way you never know until you ask.

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Third person - sure, why not? Not really fussed about this, but would probably use it sometimes if we had it. As it stands, having the game in first person really adds to the feel of it, being alone and living through the environment. A third person perspective kind of removes the personal relationship you have with the character.

Regarding degradation, I'm pretty certain you can continue getting cloth and leather by harvesting animal corpses and maybe harvesting down the pelts they offer you. As far as I know (I'm still early in the game, only having made it to the 15ish day mark) animals are never totally extinguished - after clearing an area, the wildlife will eventually respawn.

So there is a kind of renewable source of crafting and repairing materials.

All in all, though, I agree that clothing degradation is a bit too much with storms and weather. Maybe, instead of limiting how much the conditions damage your clothing, we could the mechanics so that conditions/weather can only reduce clothing to X%. Such as 50 or 60%. Below that point, the general wear and tear of trudging around in the snow and wind has done all the damage it can to your clothes, and only harsh falls or wolf/bear attacks can truly tear your new sweater to pieces.

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I agree clothing should last longer until I finally found a pair of cargo pants in PV I ran around in my long underwear for over half my survival time which at that time was over forty five days because the jeans I was wearing were ruined in a matter of a day or so and I didn't get a chance to repair them. They were my last pair.

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2 things really wear your clothes:

Wolf attacks


The trick is to avoid those 2 things. It's not that difficult to do in ML and PV, a bit harder in CH.

I also never repair any craftable clothes. I allow them to degrade and replace them when needed (only renewable resources used in creation). I also never repair any clothing I have duplicates of, I allow them to wear till ruined then harvest.

The full set of craftable clothes is pretty warm and will protect you against all but the worst weather, Now I DO think it's silly that you can be running around with no pants and not freeze, which is why I keep pushing for craftable pants.

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, Now I DO think it's silly that you can be running around with no pants and not freeze, which is why I keep pushing for craftable pants.

I guess there's more than one reason to keep the 1st person view :lol:


Immersion f.e.

Tho +1 for more cloth.

This is alpha, so I guess there are more items to come anyway.

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I very much hope for more wildlife and thus new craftable clothes as well.

Some moose leather pants, a cougar fur cap and a mink scarf would be absolutely awesome. And look, for the latter you don't even have to kill the mink! ;p


Just kidding of course :D.

(Yes, I know it's just a ferret in the picture ^^).

Regarding a 3rd person view.. I usually like it better than 1st person in most games, but for TLD 1st person feels just right somehow.

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