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I've beaten the Hunted, and desperate rescue, but its kind of disappointing there's no usable bonus behind beating them, like things relevant to the challenge ie, white out gives you bonuses to either looting, or hoarding supplies in some manner, desperate rescue maybe gives you some bonus with flares, the hunted could make bears easier to kill or maybe chance to run away from you on sight, not great examples but you get the picture.

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I wouldn't be against adding Feats to the challenges like the one Darkwalker has. Would also be welcome to have more Feats with downsides, even if it might make the Darkwalker feat a little less "cool".

Actually, you know what, I'll do it right now and suggest a feat for each challenge:

  • Hopeless Rescue: Start the run with a loaded Distress Pistol. The Distress Pistol's weight is lowered by 75%. Flares and Marine Flares burn for twice as long.
  • The Hunted (from pts 1, 2, and 3 if it ever happens): Bears' minimum meat weight is changed from 25kg to 30kg. Bears pick up your scent twice as easily, and will not be deterred by campfires or decoy meat while they are tracking you.
  • Whiteout: Slightly increases your tolerance against Cabin Fever. (specifically, over 12 hours on average per day over the last 6 days being spent indoors as the threshold for contracting Cabin Fever risk is increased to 14 hours on average per day)
  • Nomad: Gain +1% maximum Condition capacity whenever you discover a new Region.
  • Archivist: Auroras happen with 25% increased frequency. Suffer from a +10% increased rate of Fatigue that will diminish with each Buffer Memory you collect until being removed entirely.
  • As The Dead Sleep: Condition can no longer be replenished via sleeping or Birch Bark Tea. Emergency Stims are the only method of restoring Condition. As an optional feature, will dramatically increases loot quality from corpses. (to explain: this would replace the corpse loot tables with a much larger, unique loot table that can contain basically every major desirable item in the game, subject to usual difficulty restrictions like not being able to get a rifle on 'Loper. Pretty much every human corpse will contain something of significant value like an expedition parka for example)
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On 1/2/2021 at 11:02 PM, Lexilogo said:


Honestly, these ideas are pretty great! A couple of them remind me of the Mutations from the Left4Dead games. Little edits to the game mechanics that offer and interesting "alternate universe" experience to the game, many of which would be especially good for content creators making self-imposed challenges of their own.

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