I suck at aiming (except with stones)


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I'm getting better with stones against rabbits, even manage to run up fast enough to miss clicking on the rabbit once, but man do I go for realism with arrows and shoot over all the time. Lost 3 arrows in the snow hunting the same rabbit in the same place during a Wintermute mission. Also I need the wolves to start eating my face before I can hit them with either the rifle or gun. So annoying when you just scare them off and think (oh well, wasted another bullet). Managed to kill a few wolves in wintermute, but it seems they have tiny hitboxes in sandbox lol.

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Keep practicing... you'll get it.  If you're in Pleasant Valley (or near it), there is a target set up by the Barn.  When I first started using the bow, I went there and did practice shots at different distances to get an idea of the arc the arrow takes in this game.  Fortunately, you can forge more arrowheads to replace lots arrows and you can also make more ammo (if you're diligent about picking up your brass after you shoot).

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I watched a tutorial on how to shoot especially the riffle since the mecanics are little bit more realistic and you really need to line up the sight to hit a target. Trust me it will help you a lot you will hit a lot more. Wolves are Hard to hit if they are charging but just crouch and aim straight for the temple 

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