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Add seals into the game along the frozen coastlines, and make their fur able to be made into a coat. But since seal fur is very insulating and basically waterproof, it'd be very hard to harvest and incredibly expensive to craft into a coat or hat, maybe including several days of crafting and multiple sowing kits with a 50% chance of failure along with other, hard to acquire ingridients. The blubber from the seals could be made into lard to increase food condition even further during cooking, basically just reducing the sour taste of rancid meat. Of course, the seals would be very hard to hunt, being resilient to arrows and fleeing whenever the Player gets within 20-30m of them. Whenever a wound doesn't instantly kill the seal, it would flee back into the water and, 90% of the time, be eaten by something in the water that smelled the blood by the next day when the seals surface, causing the player to need to prepare heavily for a seal hunt, and only getting 1 pelt every 1 or 2 days.

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