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Hi All,

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but one idea that comes to mind is knot tying.

Knots could be tied into the mountaineering rope to make climbing easier (similar to the benefits of crampons).

This activity could be done in the dark when one happens to be awake. A book about knots fits in with the world, and perhaps you can only tie knots in the dark after you obtain a certain proficiency. Tying knots could read like a percentage complete, just like crafting; either the benefit doesn't kick in until all the knots are complete, or it acts as an associated percentage. 

The balancing counterweight to it is that it takes energy to perform, or it takes two ropes to make one knotted rope.

Players (including myself) are often looking for beneficial activities to perform when there is no light, and this could be one of them.




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Nice idea.  If you were going to go so far as to tie knots, then you might as well add a mountaineering book and learn how to tie a Swiss seat and cordage for some prusik slings.  Then simply ascend with no possibility of falling off.  As a climber, I would never attempt climbing a rope like in the game.  A knotted rope could work on 3rd class terrain, 4th in a pinch (Yosemite decimal system).  But on 5th...fat chance.  But now I’m talking about adding some mountaineering specific items which could be done.  I’m in favor of it, this community...doubt it; it’s kinda in the weeds if you take my meaning.

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