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Quartering was a new game mechanic at the time.  Chopping up a limb was an old existing mechanic.  The devs probably decided that it was not worth their time to go revisit a lot of existing mechanics.  Probably if they were building the game from the ground-up they would do it differently. 

Fires basically consist of fire duration and temperature.  That is probably how the game was structured.   The fuel added only counts as fire duration and temperature change. Fuel therefore loses its identity.  When the wind snuffs out a fire, duration is reduced and that is that.  To make the fire mechanic account for the fuel put into it, so it might be recovered, would be a rather serious change to the mechanic.  Doubtful that the devs would see sufficient value in that kind of effort.

OTOH, I suppose one could infer that when fuel is put into a fire it all catches on fire as reflected in the change of fire duration and temperature output. Since the game does not allow for partially consumed wood, only whole pieces, there is nothing to recover.  A game limitation, the solution for which would be a good amount of extra work for the devs for little gain. 

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They could make a generic "burned wood" that simply takes the fire time left and divides it into chunks to get the quantity. I would like to see this as micromanaging the fire, while easy in real life, is tedious in this game. Especially when reading 59mins of a book doesn't count and you forget everything you learned the moment to take 5 seconds to throw a stick on the fire.

Either that or have the explosion idea I've brought up before. All the energy of the firewood is instantly consumed and the fire detonates like a bomb, the intensity is determined by the time left on the fire before the wind caused all the wood to burn in 0.000001 seconds. This would follow conservation of energy and be acceptable and more realistic.

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On 12/31/2020 at 9:29 AM, exeexe said:

That would make the game easier and unplayable. For balancing purposes if they implement this they must make something else harder. What would that be?

2 cents:

Perhaps the storm blows-out the campfire...but the survivor can recover a percentage of the fuel by "harvesting" the campfire...this could be implemented in a balanced way for gameplay as the fuel resource is salvaged, (perhaps as charcoal fuel), without expending additional hatchet condition, (whetstone percentage saved), while harvesting campfire would consume time outdoors and calories, (a small fraction of time/calories needed to harvest new firewood). 

Perhaps "new charcoal" could be:

  • Lighter weight, (dry fuel).
  • Less energy dense, (decreased burn time).
  • Increased chance of successful fire starting, (dry fuel).

Stay safe my friends. :coffee:

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