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I'm assuming you mean different varieties of plants... since the numbers of the currently existing plants in the world can be varies with difficulty level and can also be changed in the current Custom menu settings.

Personally, I don't see a need for a greater variety.  The current ones do the job and double as in-game clues to direct players to various sheltered points and other points of interest on the map.  If the maps become too clutter with many varieties of harvestable plants, this system of clues gets lost.  Also, unless the current harvestable plants are reduced to rebalance the game, the addition of any variety of plant the provides calories will make all difficulty levels universally easier.

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I’m in favor of a lot more flora, however I think it’s more for TLD2.  TLD is about a winter wasteland and the world seems done.  The story continues but I don’t see big changes happening to it at this point.  But TLD2; different story.  I would like to see edible and non-edible plants added with some type of plant database for the player; dangerous ones as well.  As new plants are examined, it gets filled out, but only with the info you know.  For example, a picture of the plant, but not its name, not yet anyway.  If you eat it and don’t die, edible, it will say edible.  If it is also medicinal cool, no information given.  If you had the affliction (whatever it is) and then this new plant cured it, you learn something new.  Maybe only the roots are edible and the leaves not.  You really could go nuts (pun intended) and Hinterland could do it all or do nothing.  Maybe a textbook could fill in the blanks of your education.  A herbologist challenge could be added where there is no processed food in the world and no hunting or trapping for the character.  How long can you survive on plants alone?  There is plenty to do with the idea if Hinterland wanted to invest the time.  Great suggestion!

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I've already posted something simlair a little while ago.

Personally I would love to see more tree variety, this would largely be cosmetic but I still think I'd be cool. At the moment there are only 3 types of matured trees in the game. A type of cedar (coniferous tree, brances "point" towards the ground), a type of fir (coniferous tree, brances "point" towards the sky) and a type of birch (deciduous tree, white bark). Additionally there are birch saplings and maple saplings. If there are maple saplings why aren't there any matured maple trees? I'd love to see maples, especially becaue their leaves are on the Canadian flag and the game takes place in Canada.

I've even seen someone suggest the ability to gather maple syrups from maple trees though I don't that would be possible during winter let alone feasable for a single human since you'd need to gather multiple dozen litres of maple sap for a single litre of syrup. I've also seen people suggest willow trees with the ability of adding willow tree based painkillers, once again not sure how feasable that would be for a single human to create but I'd still like the trees regradless. Willows commonly grow in wet soil, so they could placed in the Muskeg which I think would be nice. I'm not an expert of Canadian trees or anything but I'm not sure cedar trees actually grow in marsh lands. So they could replace the cedar in the Muskeg with willow.

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I think the game is supposed to be closest to a place like vancouver island. One thing to consider, currently, is that they have a set number of artists and they're likely busy working on other things right now. Potentially once the story part of the game's art is done they will look around for other things to work on.

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