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i don't know if someone have spoken about it before me. I would like to have a sanity indicator to made the game more real like and provide new experience.

Sanity could drop if you stay too long in the dark without a light, or if you eat rotten, raw or damaged food, or even if you run on ice or try to escape by a wild animal attacking you. You could improve sanity standing by a fire or a light, eating good food, using newspapers and similar (they could not only be used for fire but to read, in order to prove some comfort against solitude), crafting a new cloth ect.

What do you think?

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Sound like The Sims. Dont you think this would make the game too complicate. It s a nice idea but if we add too many think unimportant, the game is ruined. But i think we could add some "line" for character to say when things go down or up like:

"It s so dark" "Ew, raw meat is disgusting", "So scary, that wolf almost kill me", "So lonely, i wish i have someone to talk to.", "I am full" "Yes, I got one" "Poor man, he seem to die because of infection", ...

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