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My idea is simple, a rare item, not craftable but repairable in a forge. Placable anywhere, such as a snare trap, but to catch bear, deer or wolf. It would have very few usage, soo the player would have to place it as close as possible into a bear cave. WHen the bear will go back to his home, and trigger the trap, he will bleed out for very long time, or eventually sucess to get away. That way, the player could kill a bear simply, but like in real life, stressful animal make bad meat. Thats why when killed by a bear trap, the bear won't drop any gut and will have not much meat and the meat will be damaged, could give food poisoning more often. 

But of course, if you set up you re trap and wait to get a catch to shoot arrow on his face, the quickest you are, the less malus you will get on the meat or the gut.

To conclude it would be a way to have an easy bear hide, but mainly to kill a bear who is bothering us, it would also be a way to kill a bear more lore friendly than hide on a dock or a fallen tree. 

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I like the idea.  It actually gives me an idea for a whole different game.  It would be set in 1820ish where the character is becoming a “mountain man.”  Have many of the same mechanics that TLD does.  So, still survival of sorts but less “doomsday”.

I digress.  Back to TLD.  I can’t imagine traps like this not being in the area.  Once GBI hits decline, only people like the trapper would really remain.  The lifestyle would be one of subsistence.  To that end, anything that made life easier would be on GBI.

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