My opinion about Newspapers and Tinder Plugs weight.


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Ok I'll be very shortly. This is nothing very important.

1xNewspaper = 0.1 Kg

1xTinder Plug = 0.1 Kg

Why if I harvest a Newspaper, and I got 4 units of Tinder Plug from this, the weight increases? It's a little bit... strange!

My two possible solutions:

1) Hinterland should increase Newspapers weight.

2) Hinterland should decrease Tinderplug weight.

That's all! :) Just a little thing.

Sandbox Alpha v.200

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OP is saying why does the weight increase from the raw materials. 1 Newspaper yields 2 tinder plugs, 1 newspaper roll yields 4 tinder plugs. While they all weigh .1 kg when you do the math you end up weighing more at the end of the harvesting.

Pick the following explanation that makes the most sense to you.

A. It is due to the magnetic disturbance.

B. We have to satisfy all the "uber new age old skool" hardcore gamers who only like playing the first 5 days anyway in stalker so they die die die die die die die die die die die etc. Rinse and repeat and don't you dare make the game any more sensibly easier or intelligent than it already is damn you sir! :roll:

C. When making tinder plugs which have wood in them in all other cases, evidently there is some small wood being harvested in the environment via the time sink, so while the weight of the paper doesn't change, the addition of the small bits of wood to transition the fire from spark to flame to burning kindling to burning wood is what explains the difference in weight. Until you actually sink the time you are only carrying the paper and not the wood. Otherwise it wouldn't take 10 minutes to tear up newspaper.

D. PEOPLE ARE STILL USING 32BIT OS IN 2015? I don't need flying cars, or hoverboards, or even cheap gas but can we please get everybody on 64bit OS FFS?

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I agree with TLDFan's explanation C.

Tinder plugs tend to have wood in them in the game, so I think it's reasonable to believe that something is being added to that newspaper to make it a more substantive tinder plug? But now we need to add some cedar to creating tinder plugs :P

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Oh boy the just cuz I'm black reply. What is it 1999 on here?

I am expressing dissatisfaction at the fact that on my newly built 8-core rig with 32gb ram the 2.00 patch has basically weakened performance so that those running Windows XP32bit can still play TLD cuz of the 2gb ram ceiling the app is hitting and that the dev team is not saying "screw it and sorry you'll have to upgrade", Since it is not 1999 or 2005 anymore it is 2015.

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More respectful and mature criticism. Got it.

The reason 32bit support criticism is completely valid because it limits the performance of 64bit users. Compare builds 1.98 to .200 and you can see if you look thatgermanguy that there are a few posts about it. For reference.

For additional reference allow me to explain the difference between 32/64bit OS. With a 32bit OS applications are limited to 2GB of addressable memory regardless of their RAM install. Whereas a 64bit system has no such limitation.

Moreover who has 32bit today? Almost nobody. This article from 2009 purports that most systems already shipped with 4GB back then, and that by 2014 Corporations would have an Windows 7 adoption rate substantially higher than that of Windows XP. ... s-gartner/

It is 2015 and the time long past to leave 32bit behind.

As far as the tinderplug controversy.

The paper strip is used to hold the wooden tinder and other burnable materials together.

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I got your message and feel sorry for being rude. Until I read a nice post (from Denyo @long-term survival-thread) today I didn't even understand how offensive I presumably was. (Still don't get it completely, but from now on, I'll try to be less forthright, more polite and silent if necessary.)

Anyway, regarding certain persons I'll follow my own advise and won't bother you any more. ;)

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