Battening down for a cyclone


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Well it definitely won't hit -28 with the windchill but TC Marcia is about to make landfall early tomorrow morning and it's already been raining long enough that the earthworms are out on the concrete pathways because the ground is just mush.

Looks like we may get up to half a meter of rain in the next 48hrs, I have the genset ready to go and we are moving downstairs for the worst of it, purely because of the tall trees we have around the house. I doubt that the wind will be that bad, it's hitting the coast a fair way north but will probably be a cat 5 at that stage so we may get a cat one by the time it gets to us.

I have my jerky, pork & beans, pottable water and plenty of beer laid on, wonder if it'll be as noisy as 2013 Australia day, probably worse as this one is a tight, nasty little system. Then again I could be wrong and it will blow out.

Anyway I'll post any interesting damage pics after the fact, should it amount to much. :D

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I was wrong, it blew out but we got over a meter of rain from Friday to Sunday morning. I have a long gravel driveway and have just ordered 10t of gravel to replace what ended up washed onto the road and parts beyond.

Pretty lucky really, our power didn't go out at all but there are still thousands left in the dark up Yepoon and Rockhampton way.

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Thank you for sharing this, I hope you can help me out with some of my questions since I am not even close to regions where these "disasters" are actual danger factors.

How does it work at all?

The government or the weather reports in the tv, radio warn everybody in the region?

These mentioned safety steps are the only ones you were supposed to take in cases like this?

Your only sanctuary is your basement for cases like this?

What if it actually cause serious damage in the town, how do you or the community solve it?

Maybe I should have write a pm, but this is actually an open question for all whom live in areas like you.

Ofc, my intentions are respectful, I have my own plan for a building what supposed to resist the elements, and I am trying to collect information for myself.

Is there any kind of flood-hurricane-earthquake safe buildings, maybe homes available in the region or on the market?

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Wow that's a lot of questions hahah! I'll try to answer;

Q How does it work at all?

A I'm assuming that you mean disaster alert, support and recovery? Hopefully if you have a government worth the name and a decent economy it works like this;

*Bureau of meteorology alerts the general public and Govt that a weather event is developing

*Media picks it up and runs stories and alerts, Government issues statements and directs response groups like State Emergency Services and police, the army to ready for a catastrophe.

*Evac centres and hospitals are prepared, evacuations are ordered where appropriate

*Reporters in raincoats stay out broadcasting the same inane BS until ordered inside

*Poop hits the fan, everyone bunkers down, those stupid enough to not take shelter will be on their own

*The fan stops, emergency services, police and army mobilised to do rescue, recovery and evaluation

*Utility companies commence repairs to infrastructure

*Insurance companies deploy additional assets (claims and assessing) to deal with a cat event

*Govt approves emergency funding to people and local govt to deal with humanitarian needs and crucial infrastructure

* life goes on, someone gets blamed for not knowing the future, and things go back to normal, except insurance premiums go up.

If you are after an outstanding cyclone or hurricane proof (sorry, resistant) building there are companies that specialise in them, I'm personally going to use when I knock this old POS down and rebuild hopefully next year. They deliver worldwide but you may find something a bit closer to you that is comparable.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

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