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There is a cool new way to make this game more cool and realistick and this is a eating animation . I fink eating in first person gonna be way better then waiting for bar to go full circle . This will work like that :

You press space for you circle where you have a loot of option like new paint for drawing and water and food 

When you press on food and type of food you have that you want to eat the animation will show drinking or eating 



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I actually like this though it's purely visual it would increase immersion. The question is how hard would it be to implement as the animations would have to look natural or it could hurt immersion instead of improve it. I'm definitely not against it though if hinterland can do it I'm all for it.

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1 hour ago, Mr. 0 said:

If implemented, it should be quick animation, cuz you are eating every time.

I assumed the animation would last as long as the eating circle does also I don't eat all the time I only eat before going to bed. It's wasteful to try to keep well fed, the lost of condition from starving is easily restored if you go to bed with just enough calories for the duration slept. I only try to keep my temp, fatigue and water from hitting red during day as for food it's not important.

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