Hatches and knives disappear


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So this just happened


Spent several days cutting and collecting a ton of scrap metal and cloth from Milton then went to the forge in FM and made a bunch of knives and hatchets. After a few days of this I slept and then quit. When I loaded back in the save, you can see all the gear I just forged, except for one knife, disappear. Reloaded several times and it's the same thing each time. Anyone have any idea where they went or are they just gone forever? Edited by jmwall24
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Yeah, I will, but it's not going to help me at all. They're going on holiday shutdown starting tomorrow, so unless I want to not play for 2+ weeks, I'm pretty much screwed on this. I just checked the lost and found area for FM that they use for updates and nothing is there.

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Did you check to see if they’re still there, under the snow? 

I threw a torch in Marsh Ridge the other day and it ended up under the snow. I could see the glow but not the torch and I could pick it up. 

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