I killed my first bear but nearly multiple times in the aftermath


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So, it was on my 10th day in PV around midday-dusk time and I had very minimal supplies as I intended on leaving my favourite base, the Farmstead, Homestead, whatever it's called, to explore the coal mines. I was hoping to leave for TWM soon for a summit climb that I intended on writing about on another of my topics.

With a rifle near-full of ammo, I set out, freezing as I saw a black bear, my arch-nemesis, not too far from my home. I threw a stone near it, and grunting, the bear loped towards the stone that had randomly landed in front of him. Whilst he was checking it out, I whipped out my rifle and shot. As I'm extremely new to the rifle, I missed twice before striking it straight between the eyes. Grunting angrily, the bear ran straight for me. I tried to shoot again but my shaking hands fumbled and I was too late.

Surviving the mauling with around 20% condition, a huge hit considering I had it around 90 when I set off. A minor setback, however, after patching myself, I began heading for the barn beside the road to try cut it off and kill it, despite the fact that I'd probably wind up dead in the process. 

By the time I reached the roadside barn, the bear was making weird bellowing sounds. Having never heard a dying bear in my life, I got closer with the rifle, preparing to shoot. 

Then it dropped dead and I stared at it in shock. I'd just killed a bear! 

Mentally patting myself on the back, I happily greeted the 30 kilos of meat and over 10 guts that awaited me. Including the wolf that I had shot several days before, I'd have guts for days! Many snares would be made soon. 

I began to quarter the bear, stopping suddenly as I saw my condition bar plummet alarmingly quickly. I stopped instantly, racing for the barn where I slept an hour before rushing back out into the light snow. By now I was unable to quarter it due to it being over 90% frozen already.

I, stupidly, put all that I had on me into the fire, earning me 4 and a half hours of fire. After boiling a litre of water, the bear was able to be quartered, which I did. Before I had managed to quarter it, a blizzard rudely blew out the fire and though I only just got the hypothermia risk, I was now unable to see anything and so, not wanting to risk getting wolves on my tail with all of the weather issues, I reluctantly left the quartered bear and headed blindly towards the barn, where I drank one of my microwave-found herbal teas,  sadly quite cold, and slept for an hour after drinking my last 0.20 litres of water and eating my peanut butter.

I was sadly very well rested and spent a lot of time passing time by playing cards over and over. My condition began decreasing as I got starving and dehydrated. Still, the blizzard kept roaring. 

The entire night passed and the blizzard slowed to heavy snow. I was now stumbling a little, but with my lovely, slightly ugly, Farm/Homestead in sight, I managed to make it there uneventfully, where I ate and drank before going on a axing spree and chopping down a bunch of things with my hatchet. By now I was at least a little tired, so having my last ready-made cold tea, I slept for several hours. Then I awoke with more heavy snow, around mid-afternoon once again. I got plenty of firewood and finally headed out to quarter that stupid bear that caused all of this trouble.

Carrying was relatively uneventful, though I wasted 2 bullets as wolves caught scent of my reeking bear-smell as I slowly walked, encumbered, towards the barn. 

Then, finally, I was finished. Condition still low, but somehow alive.

My first bear kill went a lot more different than expected but I love these high-adrenaline moments where chance is the only thing saving you. Had that blizzard stopped several hours after when it did, I would be dead, and had I let that bear die alone, I'd be gathering coal bearless but alive, which is not quite so fun. 

Time to get to cooking my bear meat!612878798_Screenshot(54).thumb.png.9b4e41213db1b8eedc4f5fd2b33da132.png

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