Bedroll damage from clipping fishing hut?


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My bedroll seemed to suddenly deteriorate while being used in a fishing hut . Actually it was ruined which was a big shame. I keep an eye on condition and wasn’t expecting it to be dead so quickly. One clue may be that the bedroll was in the hut rotated 90degrees (hey it went green so I placed it) and one end including straps could be seen outside hanging out over the ice. Perhaps it’s nothing but I have a suspicion that condition took a big hit in a storm because it was “outside” . Anybody seen this? Next time I’ll be more careful :)

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I probably left it there three days with the door open . Maybe in a fishing hut it’s “outside” even if it’s inside ? I’d just rocked up for an emergency shelter after a moose fight... not a good day. 

it’s such a pain to place in the fishing hut that I’d left it unrolled

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