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I was walking through TWM on my 4th attempt to complete the Hopeless Rescue Challenge when I came across a black bear. It hadn't seen me yet so I crouched and started creeping up the side of the hill hoping I could just remain unseen and the bear would just walk the direction I was coming from. Still had my rifle handy though. It was about halfway past me when I shifted the slightest bit. Next thing I know it roars and beginnings lumbering up the hill side directly towards me. I aim my rifle and boom! the bear just collapses on spot. I was so shocked that a) hit my mark and b) killed it with just ONE shot. I've only had one bear kill previously so this was very exciting for me!

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Well done.  :)

"One shots" do tend to be a bit rare, but very possible with both bear and moose.  I've noticed that they seem a little more likely if you can land a clean head-shot during a charge (I managed a single shot take down of a moose just yesterday - with a revolver no less :D).

Taking down a large target with a single shot is a great and satisfying rush (just remember not to count on it every time).  :)

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