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After a while, you've heard all your survivor has to say. 'Made it through another night' , I could eat a horse. That's saying something 'cause i love horses.'  Most of the things they say is negative and related to low status, injuries, ilnesses, things you find... I feel like the sayings could use more diversity and positivity. some ideas for sayings that could trigger on occasion:

- passing by a vista : ' look at that view... '|'You know, this place isn't all bad.'

- Passing a corpse: ' Poor bastard' |'Now what did you in I wonder?'

- Passing a car: 'My dad used to drive a car like that.(pauze) I hope he's ok.' | ' I think I lost my virginity in one of those. That sure is a lifetime ago.'

- walking through fog: 'Can't see a thing.'|'Damn this fog, I couldn't see a bear if it was chewing on me.'

- walking through a clear night: ' Have you ever seen so many stars?'| 'Back home, I never knew the night sky could be this clear. Makes you think.'

- hunger and thirst meter filled : ' I can't remember when i last ate this much' |' I am stuffed, no room for dessert...Not that I have any.'

- walking though an industrial enviroment: ' I should be safe here. Then why does this place give me the creeps?'

- Passing bunnies: 'You're awfully cute. Unfortunatly for you, you are made of meat.' ( stolen from the Avatar: The last airbender)

- Passing a house: 'Shelter, finally.' '|I don't suppose anybody's home?'

- Passing a waterfall: ' That waterfall would make a nice postcard: Visit Great Bear Island! See the lovely Moose! Die of hypothermia!'

I really feel like the game could use a few of these more positive or  otherwise immersive sayings. Great bear isn't just suffering and cold. It's a beautiful place too.

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Passing a car: "I'm still a virgin."

Passing by a vista: "What a view, I guess it isn't so bad to be a virgin."

Passing a corpse: "Poor bastard, probably died a virgin."

Walking through fog: "Damn this fog. Can't see if anyone is trying to take my virginity."

Passing bunnies: "Well hello ;)"

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