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Obviously I am not talking bare knuckle boxing or MMA type stuff but this is what would I suggest.

Reduced Injuries in wolf fights, perhaps a better chance to win with bare hands.  Don't get too carried away here maybe the skill maxes out at a 10% reduction in injuries, I don't think it should be a lot, you already have a lot of potential options to defend against wolves already.  Naturally wolf fights should get tougher at higher difficulty levels like stalker and interloper to compensate.  Even at max skill levels I wouldn't make wolf fights overly easy.

Wolves might more likely to flee from you from you have a lit flare or torch.

More accurate rock throws, similar to gun and pistol skills, increased range, longer rabbit knockouts (not too much longer maybe an extra second or two), at higher levels maybe a critical hit chance that kills the bunnies instead of just knocking them out, but only on critical hits (we don't want to completely eliminate the neck break).

At high levels the ability to stun a wolf for a second or two with a rock throw to the head possibly a knockout (similar to rabbits) on a critical hit.  No wolf kills from a rock throw ever.  Maybe if you can get up on a knocked out wolf you can coup de grace it with a knife (I am not sure about this that might make things too easy).

The ability to protect yourself in a bear fight and mitigate some of the health loss.  At max levels if you have a knife maybe you could even stab with a knife the bear and scare it off earlier than normal (I'd say less than a 50% chance of killing it from stabbing it, if you do it would have a very long bleed out time).  Even if you do technically win a bear fight the minimum damage from such an event should always be very high.

The ability to mitigate damage in moose fight, although no real way to win

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