Can bears cross fallen logs?


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I was in TWM and following a bear I'd shot. The tracks came to the fallen log crossing over Echo Ravine, and then... stopped. There were no more tracks in the snow, no further blood that I could see, including across the log. There was a rock on one side, so maybe it clipped through that? I'm picking up the search after I sleep, but is there any point in looking over the log, or should I just stick to the side I was on?

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3 hours ago, tauntedoctopus said: bear carcasses show up on the map?

Unfortunately, no.  Usually when they encounter something they normally can't path over, they double back; but there is a point where if you fall far enough behind them they will seem to basically just disappear, along with their tracks.  If you know the extent of the bear's patrol area, they will usually be found dead somewhere within it.  Often they go back towards their cave and other times they will be found rather close to where you first shot them.  It used to be that crows would gather over the carcass, but most recently I've noticed that the crows did not gather until after I had found the carcass and removed something from it... then they would swoop in as I walked away, so this may not be as reliable as it once was for finding the carcass.

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