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However, trying to run desk lamps as dynamic light sources will hammer your video card, and I'm pretty sure that's why they're immobile. If they can't move it allows the dev to pre-compile all the lighting shaders involved in getting that lamp to glow, which means better load times, better frame rates, etc. This is an old video game trick used to help deal with keeping framerates somewhere reasonable.

If you play KSP on a marginal machine, crank up the light cascade setting to max, put a boatload of lights on a space craft, and you'll see what I mean; that's the setting the controls the maximum number of light emitters. If you want to have a lot of lights on your spacecraft you need that setting up high... and you might find that having a lot of light emitters means that you end up getting bad frame rates. That's because in the physics model used by KSP they MUST be dynamic; there's exactly one immobile light source and it's Kerbol sitting there at coordinate (0,0,0), so their light fields are getting dynamically calculated each frame. This can get pretty computationally demanding pretty quickly as the number of light sources goes up.

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