How to Reach Signal Fire in HRV


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This is probably a really silly question, but how do you reach the Mysterious Signal Fire? It's tauntingly close, but when I've climbed up and crossed over a few tree bridges, I can't see any way to reach it. I would appreciate some help on how to get there, as that's been my main goal during my last few playthroughs. 

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What I remember of the Signal Fire is that you reach a steep walking path from a cave. I was able to mountain goat past some scrub-brush that was blocking the access to the signal fire, (I did not find a hatchet on my playthrough). Then at the signal fire the loot was the hammer not the my only option was to deploy the rope and escape; as I was trapped by the scrub-brush and could not go back the way I came.

One of my planned future missions is to try again but bring a hatchet with me from another region.

There is a map of the basic ice caves and foot paths and log bridges; you can google the map as "HRV_full_map".

I hope this helps you. Good luck my friend. :coffee:

screen_(1171, 200, 754)_e376c518-acb8-4a0f-bc28-823a7aefee39.png

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Thank you @s7mar7in for your help! I'm relieved to know that it is indeed possible to get there. 

I'm reluctant to google the maps, hence why I asked for help first, but if I can't reach it after my next few tries, I'll give up and google it. 

I'll be sure to look closer for caves next time, and I'll let you know when I finally get there. 

I appreciate your help, and I'll be sure to bring a hatchet when I go


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1 minute ago, Catlover said:

I'll be sure to bring a hatchet when I go

Good luck @Catlover.

I am not a very experienced player but have learned not to get too excited about a new region and spawn-in without any gear.

Go there prepared and work your way up to the rabbit grove surrounded by rock ledges and guarded by a row of scrub-brush.

Stay safe my friend. :coffee:

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There are actually two possible locations for the fire. I assume you mean the one closest to the exit

There are two ways:

1.) There is a rope climb east of Stair Steps Lake

2.) Enter the ice cave near Valley View Point (also reachable from the end of Hushed River). One of its exits is right next to the top of the rope


The other location is a bit more complicated to get to and has several possible routes. One involves the other ice cave complex. But it's also reachable through a combination of outside walking and climbing

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I'll do my best at not dying, haha. 

I don't usually spawn in gearless, but I'm trying to learn each place without a map so I spawn right in and live only in that area for as long as possible. Though it seems that HRV is impossible to live in without preparation. Oh well!



Thanks for your help!

I've tried the Stair Steps climb several times, and each time ended up with no exit. I'm probably completely missing everything, so I'll be sure to try it again.

Is it possible to have Fluffy 2.0 in the ice cave? I can't remember if she spawned randomly in one of the two, or had a designated cave.

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Haha, it would've definitely surprised me @Serenity! I really need that hatchet then if I'm to survive on the way there. 

Though knowing me, I'll forget that she lives there and still get a mini heart attack. 

As I'm writing this, I'm currently on Attempt 2 on my TWM thing, but when I die (which I will do soon, I expect), I'll try find that ice cave.

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