What fantastic music in HESITANT PROSPECT


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What fantastic music in HESITANT PROSPECT.

I haven't looked at the credits to check, but to me, the music could be from Shostakovitch.  It immediately reminded my of the bleak, cold, conditions represented by Shostakovitch in Russia in 1917 in his 12th Symphony.    I presume it is not Shostakovitch and that it it has been commissioned by Hinterland. 

I was similarly impressed by the cello music in the earlier part one of Wintermute.


The Long Dark is a superb piece of work in many ways.

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Oh, sorry I thought we were talking about the main menu music (after Hesitant Prospect). Now the Shostakovich comparison makes much more sense. If anyone knows the piece I'm referring to, I would be grateful if you could let me know what it is.

Also, I agree with odizzido and JaySovereign in their criticisms of the presentation of the music at times, but clearly we all love the music and the game. I also don't have any easy suggestions for the developers on "fixing" what we see as (minor) problems. I mean, you want to know when a wolf is stalking you, but I started getting tired of hearing that wolf music recently too. Would a visual threat indicator fit in with the style of the game? Maybe. Maybe an option could be made available and we could try out what works best for us. (And thank you developers for all those options you already give us. The first time I went to set up a custom sandbox I was overwhelmed.)

Anyway, if anyone from Hinterland sees this, you guys are simply amazing. Thank you for the purest survival game I've found, and one of the most unexpectedly beautiful works of art I've ever seen.

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